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Jonny has an uncanny ability to engage any audience, no matter how diverse, and his presentations are always brimming with music, wit and stories to inspire and challenge in equal measure.

After failing high school, Jonny set his sights on an industry with an even larger track record of failure...... He pursued a career in music!

With zero business experience or training, he launched 'Goodtime Music Academy', and within 7 short years, a humble assortment of 30 students had ballooned into an international organisation of 40 staff that reaches over 40,000 students a year.

With the string of successful companies, projects and ventures that have followed, Jonny has revealed himself a canny businessman and a remarkable young leader, committed to his own evolution and innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve.

An infectious passion for music and for young people drives everything Jonny does. In addition to the academy, he has launched programs providing free tuition to thousands of Kiwi kids, and has been awarded a number of awards, one being a 'Local Hero Medal' in the 2012 New Zealander of the Year competition.