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Duchess deBerry is renowned for pushing the boundaries of burlesque with her sophisticated and passionate performance style.

The Auckland-based burlesque artiste, lounge singer, model and entertainer is widely respected for her unique, polished routines that blend sensuality and cheekiness.

She has performed alongside international headliners, including Perle Noire, LouLou D’Vil, Medianoche, Ginger Valentine, Stormy Gale, Eva Strangelove, Coco Lectric, Stage Door Johnnies, Lola Van Ella, Leda Petit, Venus Starr, MisRed Delicious and Sina King.

Duchess has trained in dance and vocal disciplines for almost 20 years and this award-winning performer crafts routines that tease and dazzle crowds, often performing to music in which she herself is singing.


Duchess deBerry is a very professional model, focused and attentive, with the power to transform an ordinary idea into an extraordinary image.

— Jocelen Janon, Photographer

The Duchess is a beautiful, riveting performer with intense presence and silky, seductive voice. Like a ferociously gorgeous kitten.


Duchess deBerry is a royal flirt. Her doll-like looks belie a wicked glint to the eye that taunts as she teases. Disrobing with a sly wink, The Duchess never disappoints

— Leda Petit, Performer and Producer

I have known Duchess deBerry since she first started performing burlesque in 2010. She has blossomed into a beautiful, enchanting performer who has developed her own signature style. She's a delight to work with, both on stage and backstage.

— Nat Hugill, Producer

With a dark brown bob framing her fine facial features, along with her long legs, statuesque figure and graceful movements, Duchess deBerry is the personification of effortless sexual elegance. This might be due to her training in classical ballet and other forms of dance. She was also classically trained as a singer. I tried hard to think of the time when I last saw a stage persona that was as aesthetically attractive and appealing as Duchess deBerry, and couldn’t.

— Ron Lee, Reviewer- sydneychic.com.au


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