The possibilities within the human body are infinite.

Contortion and Hand Balance Contortion can seem almost unbelievable. These gifted artists have dedicated many years to achieving flexibility vastly beyond that of regular human beings.

We offer solo, duo, trio and group contortion acts each with stunning skills to showcase at your event.

Contortion is a performance art in which performers showcase their extreme flexibility.

Most contortionists can be categorised as "frontbenders" or "backbenders", depending on the direction in which their spine is most flexible. Relatively few performers are equally adept at both.

Skills performed by contortionists include:

Frontbending skills such as folding forward at the waist with the legs straight, or placing one or both legs behind the neck or shoulders with the knees bent (called a human knot).

Backbending skills such as touching one's head to one's feet, or all the way to the buttocks (called a head-seat), while standing, lying on the floor, or in a handstand.

Splits and oversplits (a split of more than 180 degrees) may be included in frontbending or backbending acts. An oversplit may be performed while the feet are supported by two chairs or by two assistants.

Custom Options

Performance Style

Cirque Du Soleil, Carnival, Family Circus, Contemporary Circus


Costuming can easily be 100% determined by the client.


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